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Secure Personal Cloud: wut?

The goal is to find a straightforward way to securely store and share personal data between individuals. More specifically, I work on the integration of the secure hardware PlugDB in the Cozy Personal Cloud and how they can communicate to share documents.

A schema is worth a lot of words:

Secure Personal Cloud schema

To reach this vision, we believe in several prerequisites:

  • Decentralization: a personal server/cloud for each individual. This allows to avoid:
    • The fragmentation of our data in closed silos (Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Apple, Microsoft...)
    • The exploitation of our data, done with or without our consent
    • The massive surveillance, greatly eased by the centralisation
    • The high benefit/cost ratio of attacks on those silos, leading to massive leaks of user data
  • Ease of use: an essential property to be widely adopted
    • We have witnessed countless failures of great projects because they neglected the user experience
  • Secure by default: a secure hardware to protect them all
    • When all the private data is gathered in one place, we better secure it well
    • Use the secure hardware to deal with the encryption and access control